Chelmsford Photo Marathon 2016

What's a photomarathon?
The 'photographic marathon' was conceived in Spain in the 1980s, but first made it to the UK (Cardiff) in 2004. It involves competing against others and the clock to take and submit a set of photos — one image for each of a set of previously undisclosed topics — with no off-camera processing allowed.

Normally this involves 24 photos on 24 topics in 24 hours, or 12 photos on 12 topics in 12 hours.

Chelmsford Photomarathon
In Chelmsford the regular format is obviously far too easy, so they've halved the normal time limit, requiring 12 photos on 12 topics in only 6 hours. That really isn't much time to digest the topics, think up potential ideas, look for locations (that aren't already inundated by other photographers), take photos and decide what to submit; I know because I went to Chelmsford to take part in the 2016 Chelmsford Photo Marathon last month!

The rules clearly didn't put people off as around 100 people met up at the start, with some apparently joining in remotely from the USA. The topics turned out to be Water, Wheels, Change, Graphic, Rest, Bokeh, Handmade, Flipped, Converge, Mirror Image, Behind the scenes, and A Gift. After a fun but frantic day I made the deadline with a few minutes to spare and was finally able to stop to eat.


I wasn't able to get to the opening of the exhibition a couple of weeks ago, so also missed the announcement of the results. When I did make it a couple of days later, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd won three categories — Graphic, Handmade and Rest — as well as the 1st prize for the competition as a whole (thanks for your sponsorship, CameraWorld!)

Here are my three category winning photos, as taken direct from the camera (no post-processing):

Chelmsford Photo Marathon 2016 winning photo, topic 'Handmade'

Chelmsford Photo Marathon 2016 winning photo, topic 'Graphic'

Chelmsford Photo Marathon 2016 winning photo, topic 'Rest'