Fluorescent onesie

I was taking photos in London at the weekend when it started to rain. Having forgotten my umbrella I took shelter in a doorway while waiting for it to clear, keeping my camera ready in case something interesting happened. And after around half an hour, it finally did.

Possibly an escapee from a stag weekend, a man appeared and headed in my direction, carrying a dripping wet fluorescent pink wig in his hand and wearing a very damp fluorescent yellow onesie. Not something I see every day of the week.

Unfortunately I have no images to share because as soon as I hit the shutter button my camera — or rather the memory card — decided to throw an error. That's a very rare occurrence, but one where protecting the images already taken takes top priority, so the only option was to swap the card. And by the time I'd done that I was, of course, far too late.

Although I missed a potentially classic shot, I did however return with some others that may eventually make it into a gallery on this website — such as the one below.

London: Polka dot rain